Thermotech MultiLevel

Heating built into the construction of the house

Our system for self-regulating heating built into the construction of the apartment building. With Thermotech MultiLevel®, we build in long-term benefits throughout the home's entire life cycle.

A system adapted for the energy-efficient buildings of the future

Thermotech MultiLevel® was developed with the support of research carried out at Chalmers in the early 2000s. The system is actively self-regulating. It provides an environmentally smart and modern home with a high level of comfort, where energy use is on par with passive houses. Thermotech has solid experience and knowledge of the construction technology and how it should be designed. We had our first project back in 2010 and today have a large number of reference projects to show.


A system made to last a long time and minimize ongoing maintenance.


Self-regulating heating system that provides optimal operation. At least five times as energy efficient as radiator systems.


Hardly any additional costs compared to radiator systems - but contributes greatly to energy savings.


We simplify our customers' everyday life

Thermotech develops, manufactures and projects complete customized heating and pipe systems. We sell and deliver our customized system solutions directly to professional customers (B2B) without intermediaries.


We simplify the customer's everyday life by making it easy to order and install our products and we support with relevant services. Through close contact with the customer in everyday life, we can understand both expressed and unexpressed needs while providing personal and knowledgeable service.