Malmstranden, Luleå

Thermotech has delivered MultiLevel to apartments close to the center in Malmstranden, Luleå's new residential area with a view of Skurholmsfjärden. In the first stage, two out of a total of five planned houses will be built.

Picture: Fastighets AB RAWI

About the project

In Luleå's new residential area Malmstranden, apartments close to the center are being built with a view of Skurholmsfjärden and with nature all around. The area breathes new thinking with a sense of architectural quality with an exciting building and form.


A total of five houses will be built on Malmstranden and in the first stage two houses with a total of 90 apartments on 10 floors will be built. The first stage also includes the large garage, which is conveniently accessed by elevator from each floor.


Thermotech´s delivery

Thermotech MultiLevel®, which is Thermotech's system for building-integrated heating in multi-storey buildings.


Malmstranden — a summary

Type of project
Multi-storey building
Stage 1: 2 buildings
Stage 2: 3 buildings

Thermotech´s delivery
Thermotech MultiLevel

Stage 1
Project time
Spring 2020 – Summer 2022

5.000 sqm

No of buildings

No of apartments

No of floors




Text and pictures from: Fastighets AB Rawi  and AB Infjärdens Värme