Thermotech was born in the forests of the North of Sweden

It all began in 1993 and started as a project under the municipal company Energidalen in Sollefteå. The goal was to create jobs in the small town. The task was to develop a system for water-based underfloor heating.

The history of Thermotech

It all started as a municipal project in the small northern town of Sollefteå. The goal was to create jobs after the regimental closures and the task of developing a system for waterborne underfloor heating. Two trainees were hired and pretty soon they saw opportunities to distinguish themselves from the big players.


They questioned the conventional, and with new perspectives and curiosity about actual needs, the company was able to start supplying customized underfloor heating systems for an easier installation. They skipped the wholesale level for closer contact with customers and invested in more pre-assembled products.


In 1996 the business had grown and started to generate profit, the company was spun off and got its current name, TT Thermotech Scandinavia AB. Anders Andersson, who had been involved from the beginning, joined as co-owner and CEO. Development continued, sales offices were opened and agents were established in various locations in Sweden to increase accessibility. At the end of the 1990s, operations were also started in Ekenäs, Finland.


In 2010, the original underfloor heating range was supplemented with a complete piping system for water distribution and radiator connections, Thermotech MultiSystem™. Underfloor heating still accounts for the majority of the business, but the pipe system has also grown and taken significant market shares.


Sales still take place today without intermediaries, which gives the opportunity to manufacture and deliver customized solutions to customers at the factory in Sollefteå.