Snow melting system for effectively ice- and snow-free ground surfaces

We design snow melting systems suitable for entrances, ramps, pedestrian streets, squares and driveways and more. Our manifolds installed in ground can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the project.

Snow melting system can prevent slipping accidents and increases accessibility

Our knowledgeable designers draw up and calculate each facility taking into account the project's conditions for the best results. Our snow melting system effectively prevent slip accidents, increase accessibility and reduce the need for removing snow in winter. Because it is a low-temperature system, waste heat from various processes and district heating returns can be used.


Our manifolds installed in ground have a long life span and require minimal maintenance.


A low-temperature system that can use waste heat and district heating return.


We draw and calculate safe and functional snow melting systems based on the project's conditions



We simplify our customers' everyday life

Thermotech develops, manufactures and projects complete customized heating and pipe systems. We sell and deliver our customized system solutions directly to professional customers (B2B) without intermediaries.


We simplify the customer's everyday life by making it easy to order and install our products and we support with relevant services. Through close contact with the customer in everyday life, we can understand both expressed and unexpressed needs while providing personal and knowledgeable service.