System for tap water and radiator connections

A safe and flexible water distribution system that has been tested and approved according to industry regulations.

Flexible tap water assortment for easy installation

Our flexible oxygen diffusion-tight PE-RT pipes can be used for both tap water systems as well as radiator, underfloor heating and cooling systems. The components in our flexible assortment of tap water manifolds have a patented quick-seal joint technology and are leak-proof regardless of which direction you mount them. All connections have c/c 50 mm.


Compatible and flexible product range that easily is ordered fully assembled via Thermotech Prefab


Thermotech MultiSystemâ„¢ is tested and approved according to industry regulations.


We deliver directly to where you want it, when you need it.


We simplify our customers' everyday life

Thermotech develops, manufactures and projects complete customized heating and pipe systems. We sell and deliver our customized system solutions directly to professional customers (B2B) without intermediaries.


We simplify the customer's everyday life by making it easy to order and install our products and we support with relevant services. Through close contact with the customer in everyday life, we can understand both expressed and unexpressed needs while providing personal and knowledgeable service.