We are very efficient when it comes to customized Prefab!

Thermotech Prefab are our pre-assembled underfloor heating, tap water and radiator cabinets for various needs. We have a large number of ready-made basic models of our cabinets, but deliver even more object-adapted special solutions. With preparation, assembly and manufacturing in the same factory, we can cost-effectively and with short lead times pre-manufacture customized solutions in both small and large series.

Choose Thermotech Prefab - save time and money

Our knowledgeable designers help you with the best overall solution right from the start. We design and draw so that you get a safe and well-functioning system that is easy to install. When we do the assembly work in our factory, the plumbing work on the construction site becomes more efficient and the installation time is significantly shorter. We deliver the pre-assembled products in clearly marked packages directly to the construction site when you need them. You don't have to pick up and store the products yourself or search among parts on the construction site.


With pre-assembled products, installation is simple and efficient


We deliver clearly marked parcels directly to the construction site


We draw and calculate a safe and well-functioning overall solution


We simplify our customers' everyday life

Thermotech develops, manufactures and projects complete customized heating and pipe systems. We sell and deliver our customized system solutions directly to professional customers (B2B) without intermediaries.


We simplify the customer's everyday life by making it easy to order and install our products and we support with relevant services. Through close contact with the customer in everyday life, we can understand both expressed and unexpressed needs while providing personal and knowledgeable service.