Prefab VM - Bracket for water meter and tap water manifold in cabinet

Bracket for water meter with or without tap water manifold in 550 or 710 mm high cabinet. Can be ordered with or without water circuit breaker. Suitable for villas and terraced houses.

Prefab - Manifold cabinet with bracket for water meter

Product features

The product is delivered fully assembled in a cabinet with 16 mm press fittings for tap water and PEM 32 mm for incoming water and 20 mm press fittings to and from the heater. All connections can be easily adapted if needed.


  • Manifold cabinet
  • Bracket for water meter, construction length 190-220 mm, G25
  • Shut-off valves
  • Check valve
  • Connection couplings 16 mm
  • Connection couplings 20 mm to heater (ordered separately for the low cabinet 550 mm without water circuit breaker)
  • Tap water manifold
  • Consoles
  • Pipe penetrations
  • Protective bag


We like that the cabinet:

  • Has fully assembled tap water manifold and bracket for water meter
  • Fits in wall with 120 mm rule
  • Has easy connection to incoming water with PEM 32
  • Has easy connection to and from heater, 20 mm
  • Has a shut-off valve on either side of the water meter
  • Allows flexible choice of couplings
  • Has check valve which is included
  • Provides the option of a water circuit breaker


Measurements cabinet

For 8 cold and 5 hot water connections
Width: 540 mm
Height: 550 eller 710 mm
Depth: 120 mm

For 11 cold and 8 hot water connections
Width: 690 mm
Height: 710 mm
Depth: 120 mm

Application example: 2-storey house

Water meter cabinets are typically used in villas, apartment buildings and apartments where incoming water meters are to be installed. In addition to the water meter console, the water meter cabinets also contain cold water manifolds with up to 11 outlets and hot water manifolds with up to 8 outlets.


Thermotech offers a complete prefabricated solution for homes that require this solution.


  • Bracket for water meter with ball valves on either side of the bracket.
  • All joints in one and the same waterproof cabinet.
  • Flexible choice of couplings.
  • Can easily be ordered with a water circuit breaker.


During installation, incoming water is connected directly in the cabinet to the pre-assembled PEM connection. Then connect the outgoing cold water loop to the heat source, the heated water is then connected to the hot water manifold in the cabinet. Finally, distribute cold and hot water to the home's taps.




If necessary, Thermotech Prefab can be adapted. Contact your Thermotech Center to change the basic structure.