Prefab Kombi

Integral (shunt with integrated underfloor heating manifold) and radiator manifold in cabinet adapted for 2-storey houses where a combination of underfloor heating and radiators is used.

Prefab Kombi - Integral and radiator in cabinet

Product features

The product is delivered fully assembled in a cabinet with 17 mm clamping ring couplings for underfloor heating and 16 mm press couplings for radiators but can easily be adapted for all pipe dimensions.


Cabinets are combined with Integral, with or without adapters, and manifold packages for radiators for a complete fully assembled cabinet.



  • Manifold cabinet, 95 mm depth
  • Integral
  • Thermostatic valve with self-acting thermostat
  • Radiator manifold
  • Adjustment valves for both Integral and radiator manifolds (Kvs value 2.0 as standard. Can be easily adapted to the system's flow needs)
  • Filling and draining valves
  • Shut-off valves
  • Thermometers
  • Protective bag
  • Marking tags


Article No. 78726-0x0 (excl. replacement piece)
For 1-6 loops
Widht x Height x Depth: 690 x 1025 x 95 mm

For 7-9 loops
Widht x Height x Depth: 840 x 1025 x 95 mm

Article No. 78726-0x1 (incl. replacement piece)
For 1-5 loops
Widht x Height x Depth: 690 x 1025 x 95 mm

For 6-8 loops
Widht x Height x Depth: 840 x 1025 x 95 mm


We like that the cabinet:

  • Has fully assembled Integral and radiator manifolds
  • Accommodates in 95 mm wall construction
  • Provides easy supply to both underfloor heating and radiators
  • Has adjustment valves for both underfloor heating and radiators
  • Has shut-off valve on both supply and return
  • Can be flexibly equipped with couplings for all pipe dimensions
  • Provides easy installation of energy meters

Article No:
78726-0X0 Cabinet with Integral (excl. replacement piece)
78726-0X1 Cabinet with Integral (incl. replacement piece)
78727-00X Radiator manifold package Kombi

No of loops: 1 - 9

62756-1 Front for cabinet 690 mm
62755-1 Front for cabinet 840 mm

Application example: 2-storey house

A typical heating system solution for detached houses is a combination of underfloor heating and radiators. The underfloor heating is installed on ground level, usually as part of a concrete slab, with radiators on level 1. Thermotech offers a complete prefabricated solution for houses with this type of heating system.


  • All interconnections are in one and the same waterproof cabinet - according to current Swedish Säker Vatten regulations.
  • Flexible choice of couplings for all pipe dimensions.
  • Adjustment valves for balancing between floors and shut-off valves are in the cabinet.


When installing, supply pipes from the heat source are connected to the underfloor heating cabinet on the lower level. Both radiator coils and underfloor heating coils are then connected in the same cabinet. The cabinet can also be ordered prepared with adapters and measuring points for a simple installation of energy meters.



If necessary, Thermotech Prefab can be adapted. Contact your Thermotech Center to change the basic structure.