Kv Svanen, Svedala

Thermotech has delivered has delivered MultiSystem prefab cabinets with tap water and VS (radiator circuit) to the block Svanen with 57 apartments of varying sizes.

Picture: Svedalahem AB

About the project

The Svanen neighborhood is located right in the center of Svedala close to stores, services and good commuting opportunities to the entire region. With its three building bodies, Svanen contains 57 apartments in varying sizes of 1 - 4 rooms.


The apartments have plenty of light and most of them have a balcony or patio. On the ground floor facing Storgatan, the library has new premises and under two of the buildings there are basements with garages and spaces for storage, technology and laundry.


Thermotech´s delivery

We have delivered MultiSystem Prefab cabinets with tap water and VS (radiator circuit).


For this project, we solved the plumber's need for a specially adapted higher stand for the manifold cabinets and got a very satisfied customer.


Kv Svanen — a summary

Type of project
Multi-storey building

Thermotech´s delivery
Prefab cabinets

57 apartments (1-4 rooms)

Project time
Moving in summer 2021



Plumbing installer
E Olssons Rörläggeri AB


Picture from: Svedalahem