Mölndal Inner city

Thermotech has designed and delivered snow melting system in ten stages when squares and streets in Mölndal's inner city were rebuilt.

Picture: Thermotech

About the project

Squares and streets in Mölndal's inner city have been rebuilt with new stone paving and snow melting system on an area of ​​6,000 square meters. The snow melting system was installed in 10 stages and the project was completed in 2019.


Thermotech´s delivery

Thermotech designed and delivered complete snow melting system with approx. 30,000 m of manifolds installed in ground, 12,000 m of rails and 10 wells.


Mölndal inner city — a summary

Type of project
Snow melting system

Approx. 6.000 sqm

Thermotech´s delivery:

  • Approx. 30.000 meter of manifolds installed in ground
  • 12.000 meter of pipe rails
  • 10 wells



Plumbing installer
BeGe Therm

Project time
10 stages
Ready 2019

Pictures: Thermotech Scandinavia AB