Brf Verde, Lund

Thermotech has delivered MultiLevel to Hängmattan 1 (Brf Verde) in Södra Brunnshög in Lund, a diverse and lively neighborhood with 41 condominium apartments with great variety, from one to four floors.

Picture: Krook & Tjäder (architects)

About the project

Brf Verde (Hängmattan 1) is a diverse and lively neighborhood with 41 apartments with great variety, from one to four rooms, in Södra Brunnshög in Lund. The 3 buildings are all clad in aluminum both on the facade and roof. The material holds the neighborhood together, but a variety is created through nuanced differences in color and varying formats of the buildings.


Materials and systems in the block are chosen based on a clear sustainability perspective. The block is built with a concrete frame with a high admixture of slag products, which results in a reduction in carbon dioxide footprint by approx. 50%. The aluminum facade material has a very long life and can be recycled the day it needs to be replaced. The south-facing roofs are largely equipped with solar cells to reduce the block's energy consumption.


A generous cycle room conveniently accessible directly from the entrance square is hoped to contribute to reduced car use. The communal greenhouse on the farm creates fertile ground for locally produced, home-grown vegetables as well as social interaction between the neighbors.


Thermotech´s delivery

Thermotech MultiLevel®, which is Thermotech's system for building-integrated heating in multi-storey buildings.


Brf Verde — a summary

Type of project
Multi-storey buildings with condominiums

Thermotech´s delivery
Thermotech MultiLevel

Project time
June 2019 – May 2020

2.820 kvm

No of buildings

No of appartments

Krook & Tjäder i Malmö

BRF Verde

General contractor
Resona Entreprenad

Plumbing entrepreneur
RSA El & Data







Pictures: Felix Gerlach, Architects Krook & Tjäder

Text from: Architects Krook & Tjäder in Malmö and Resona Entreprenad AB