Torghusen, Uppsala

Thermotech has delivered MultiLevel to Torghusen in connection with Uppsala University. Torghusen consists of five building bodies distributed over three stairwells with a total of 48 apartments and three commercial premises.

Picture: Studio Stockholm

About the project

Torghusen, in Rosendal adjacent to Uppsala University, consists of five building blocks distributed over three stairwells with a total of 48 apartments. The first residents moved in January 2021. In three commercial premises on the ground floor there is a fruit shop, a cheese shop and a café.


Thermotech MultiLevel enables both heating and cooling of the houses with the same system, which provides an even indoor climate, and very low energy consumption. In this house, the attic will have a light construction and the roof heating/cooling will be installed in the wooden structure, unlike the other floors which are in concrete.


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Thermotech´s delivery

Thermotech MultiLevel®, which is Thermotech's system for building-integrated heating in multi-storey buildings.


Torghusen — a summary

Type of project
Multi-storey buildings with condominiums and commercial premises

Thermotech´s delivery
Thermotech MultiLevel

Project time
May 2019- September 2020

No of buildings

No of apartments
48 apartments and 3 commercial premises

Slättö Förvaltning

Plumbing installer
Tingvallastadens Rör AB







Pictures from: Stockholm Studio