Flooring on top of underfloor heating

All types of flooring work together with underfloor heating, but depending on the underlay and the other conditions of the home, different floor constructions are required.

Underfloor heating works together with all types of floors

Laying wood floors over waterborne underfloor heating works great, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Always install the underfloor heating as high up in the structure as possible and avoid laying thick wooden floors on the underfloor heating. The optimal thickness is 13 – 15 mm, but Thermotech recommends a wooden floor that is a maximum of 25 mm thick. The thinner the wooden floor, the lower the water temperature needed in the floor heating pipes. According to the Floor Industry, the surface temperature of the wooden floor should not exceed 27°C.


Plastic and vinyl floors work very well together with waterborne underfloor heating. Keep in mind that carpeting or large and thick carpets above the floor heat insulates and you can therefore experience lower heat in the room. Today, there are carpets on the market that are adapted for underfloor heating. Contact a carpet supplier for advice.