Operations with little environmental impact

We conduct our business and offer products and services with as little environmental impact as possible.


Active environmental work is a prerequisite for sustainable development in society. We take our responsibility by striving for as little environmental impact as possible in terms of our operations, our services and the life cycle of the products.


As far as possible, materials and methods are used that do not pose environmental or health risks, either for the employees or the public. The aim is that as much as possible of the components of the final product should be recyclable and that deliveries should take place in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible.


We see that our most important task in our daily work is:



We take into account low energy consumption and environmental impact when choosing transport, packaging and carriers.


We always choose "locally produced", which means that we choose suppliers and manufacturers as close to us as possible, preferably in Sweden, but otherwise in Europe. We are also moving as much assembly and manufacturing as possible to our factory in Sollefteå, which was hit hard when the two regiments were shut down. It is an important part of our sustainability strategy that contributes to more efficient transport, improved delivery security and quality. It is also a way for us to take our social responsibility as a company.


We choose digital distance meetings when it works and if we still have to travel, we compensate for it environmentally.


Product development

All of our product development takes place with a life cycle perspective and environmental considerations are taken into account when developing new products and throughout their lifetime. The materials we use are, to the greatest extent possible, recyclable.


Work environment & recycling

We strive to have trained and environmentally aware personnel throughout the organization. We take recycling methods into account when choosing packaging and packaging.


Sales & planning

Our most important mission in daily work is to reduce energy use by informing customers about products and installation methods so that they actively contribute to reduced energy use via our underfloor heating systems.


At the same time, we design our underfloor heating so that the lowest possible water temperature can be used in the system. This is so that the heating system can be effectively used together with low-temperature heat sources such as heat pumps and solar heating.