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Thermotech and design

At Thermotech design must be an active part and used as a strategic tool throughout our entire organisation. It is implemented in developing our products, services, internal processes, values and Environments.

Our design statement is “make it simple, make it exceptional”.

It stands for the essence in our deliverance.

Design is for us, a process to develope user benefits in a pragmatic and innovative way, where functional, environmental and easthetic requisites are based on user needs.

Our design statement is “make it simple, make it exeptional”.
It stands for the essence in our deliverance.

For the end user we think design contributes to the aesthetics, function and peace of mind.
For the installer the design contributes to an easy and smooth installation and an appealing result. We believe that workmanship and pleasure from having done a good job increase when the material and products are functional, appealing and easy to install.

In 2007 Thermotech was nominated for the Grand Award of Design which is given out by Teknikföretagen (The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries), in association with Svensk Industridesign (The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation) and Svensk Form (The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design). In accordance with the rules for the award, the design should play a crucial role in the products commercial success. Design shall create profitability.
“For Thermotech, the nomination clarifies what design means for quality and profitability in the company. It is a way of thinking which lifts the whole company, staf and customers, and creates enthusiasm and synergies. It's an eye-opener and communicates quality" says Jan Hampf, Managing Director, Hampf Industrial Design AB