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About Thermotech Scandinavia AB

Thermotech is one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of systems for heat and water distribution. We develop, manufacture, project, sell and deliver complete customized heating and plumbing systems.

Thermotech was founded in Sollefteå in 1996, where we still today have our main warehouse and production. In addition from the factory in Sollefteå we have seven regional offices in Sweden and subsidiaries in Finland and Russia.

We are the Specialist within underfloor heating, water distribution and solar heating that has taken one step further to make it easy to order, install and use eco-efficient, nice looking, customized systems.

We are characterized by the fact that we deliver without wholesalers with a high degree of service and flexibility. Installers, retailers and subcontractors are some of our customers.

Our mission
Through leading design and customer focus, Thermotech will offer the most easy to install and eco effective system for waterborne floor heating, water distribution and solar heat. We target mainly professional customers in northern and eastern Europe.

Customer focus
The goal of Thermotech is always to provide easy installed, eco-effective, quality products with associated services to our customers. It should be easy to be a Thermotech customer and easy to use our products. We will achieve customer satisfaction when we provide products and services that fulfil or exceed promised execution and quality.

The cooperation with retailers and subcontractors shall be executed in a professional manor and with regards to environmental aspects.

Everyone within the organization will work customer oriented, where the needs and demands of the customer are put in the centre. The lodestar is to treat our customer as we ourselves would like to be treated. Customer satisfaction is monitored and followed up yearly through customer surveys. Target goals for customer satisfaction are set on an annual basis.

Key facts

  • Founded in 1996
  • Owners: 2/3 Indexator Rotator Systems AB (Hans and Pia Jonsson) and 1/3 CEO Anders Andersson
  • Turnover 124 MSEK (2014)