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Tools for Thermotech pipe system 

Here you can find all tools necessary for installing pipe systems, tap water and radiator connections.


  • Two models of press tools
  • Press jaws in several dimensions and profiles (TH, V and M-profile) that is compatible with most press tools on the market
  • Press chains for the large dimensions (50 and 63 mm)
  • Presses plastic pipes, AluComposite pipes and copper pipes


  • Tool for calibration of MultiSystem™ AluComposite and PE-RT Type 2 pipes.
  • Calibration tool for all dimensions
  • Softgrip handle for calibration tool


  • Tool for straightening MultiSystem™ AluComposite pipes
  • Holder for straightening tool


  • External bend spring in the dimensions 16-32 mm
  • Internal bend spring in the dimensions 16-26 mm

Thermotech MultiSystem™ pipe cutter can cut dimensions from 8 - 26 mm and also cuts protective tubing.

The Thermotech MultiSystem tool box contains the most useful tools for pressing, calibration and bending.

In the box