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Wireless room control system

Thermotech’s wired room control system is available in two different series, Exchangeable Comfort Radio System (XCR) och Intelligent  Comfort Radio System (ICR).

What sets them apart is the design of the room thermostat that is mounted on the wall. The same control units and actuators are used for all thermostats. A wireless system for 1 channel is also included in the product range.

Room control system  - Exchangeable Comfort Radio System (XCR) – the new wireless XC

Room control system -  Intelligent Comfort Radio System™ (ICR)
Intelligent Comfort Radio System ™ is a complete control system designed to achieve optimal function, comfort and operational economy. Control units in three different sizes (ICR1, ICR6 and ICR8), 24V actuator and room thermostats that suits different needs, are included in the product range.

When installing underfloor heating in older buildings, running cables in walls can be difficult. Thermotech's wireless control system is then an excellent solution to this problem.

The indoor temperature is regulated with PI control via pulse-width modulation, enabling stable and exact temperatures to be maintained as well as optimized energy consumption. The system is self-learning, with the control unit continuously gathering operational parameters and using these to optimist operation.

The basic model of the wireless room thermostat is called ICR. The thermostat communicates with a wireless control unit via a radio link. The ICR thermostat is also available with smooth front for use in public environments (ICR OM).

Do you prefer a wireless thermostat with digital display we can offer that in white or black colors (ICR D). It has sensors for air temperature, ECO mode function and frost protection for maintenance heat.


Control units for wireless control system
Control units in three different sizes (ICR1, ICR6 and ICR8) and 24V actuator are included in the product range for Thermotech´s wireles room control system.

The wireless control unit ICR1 is a receiver for connecting one wireless thermostat. It has a potential-free relay for up to 5 actuators.

The wireless control units ICR6 and ICR8 are complete units with PI regulation technology. They have integrated 24-V transformer for connection of up to 12 actuators and a maximum of six or eight wireless thermostats.

The control unit has pump control and function for exercising circulation pumps.

A DIN rail on which the control unit can be mounted is provided with the manifold.

Thermotech thermal-electric actuator 24 V AC is intended for on/off control of water flow in the valves.

Rumstermostat XC

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