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Wired room control system

Thermotech’s wired room control system is available in two different series, Exchangeable Comfort (XC) and Easy Comfort (EC).

What sets them apart is the design of the room thermostat that is mounted on the wall. The same control units and actuators are used for all thermostats.

Room Control system Exchangeable Comfort (XC)

Thermotech's wired room control is a complete system designed to achieve optimal function, comfort and operational economy. Control units in two different sizes (EC2 och EC8), 24V actuator and room thermostats, that can be personalized and adapted to the surroundings, are included in the product range.

With the thermostat in the XC-series, we want to create freedom of choice to give our customers more control over their surroundings. We call this “architectonic respect". It refers to our respect to our customers' home environments and their needs to express their personal styles. This is why the thermostat has a thin and discrete design. It is also supplied with a transparent front.

The home owner can then easily adapt the thermostat to the surroundings, or make it more personal by replacing the insert behind the transparent front. As an example, you can choose to make the thermostat less visible with an insert that has the same pattern as the surrounding wallpaper. Or it can be emphasised by matching it to the room's accent color.

The room thermostats in the XC-series uses PI-regulation technology and features reference value limitation and functions for night reduction and valve exercising as standard. PI-regulation ensures even regulation of room temperature. This produces improved comfort and energy savings in comparison to standard regulation technology (on/off).

There are two thermostat models in the XC-series, the basic model XC A och the more advanced model XC AF. On the XC AF model you can connect floor sensor, choose type of actuator (NO or NC) and activate anti-freeze mode for external control.

If necessary both models can be equipped with covers when used in public buildings.

The room thermostats in the XC series are used together with the same control unit and actuator as the thermostats in the EC-series.

Room control system Easy Comfort™ (EC)

Easy Comfort™ is a complete control system designed to achieve optimal function, comfort and operational economy. Control units in two different sizes (EC2 och EC8), 24V actuator and room thermostats that suits different needs, are included in the product range.

The basic model of the wired room thermostat is called EC. It is an electronic room thermostat with air temperature sensors. The EC thermostat is also available with smooth front for use in public environments.

You can get the same thermostat model with ECO mode for maintenance heating (EC ECO), with floor sensor (EC G) or with both air and floor sensors (EC GL).

All the models above are available in white color.

Do you prefer a wired thermostat with digital display we can offer that in white or black colors (EC D). It has sensors for air temperature, ECO mode function and frost protection for maintenance heat.

When installing underfloor heating in older buildings, running cables in walls can be difficult. Thermotech's wireless control unit is then an excellent solution to this problem.


Control units for wired room control system

Control units in two different sizes (EC2 och EC8) and 24V actuator are included in the product range for Thermotech´s wired room control system.

The wired control unit EC2 is a small unit with separate 24-V transformer for systems with 1 thermostat and a maximum of 4 actuators, or 2 thermostats and a maximum of 3 (1+2) actuators.

The wired control unit EC28 is a complete unit with integrated 24-V transformer for connection of thermostats and actuators. It has the capacity to connect up to 8 actuators to one channel and control them with one thermostat. The control unit has pump control and function for exercising circulation pumps as basic functions.

A DIN rail on which the control unit can be mounted is provided with the manifold.

Thermotech thermal-electric actuator 24 V AC is intended for on/off control of water flow in the valves.

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