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Mixing unit TMix XXL

A mixing unit suitable for large areas up to 1500 m2

The mixing unit TMix® XXL is delivered fully assembled and can be connected to new or existing waterborne heating systems.

The mixing unit is only intended for control with actuators connected to a system that compensates the outdoor temperature. It cannot be controlled by automatic thermostat.

Mixing unit TMix® XXL are available in two basic models:

  • Motor – basic model. A  3-point 24V electrical actuator on the 2-way valve. The actuator can be connec­ted to a heat source with a built-in regulator to compensate the flow temperature, taking the outdoor temperature into account.
  • Clima – with 3-point 24V electric actuator on the 2-way valve and the control package Clima.

Mixing unit TMix® XXL in stainless steel features low weight and clean design, which enables simpler and more attractive installation. The first-rate raw materials guarantee good rust protection and high resistance to pressure. It has an energy efficient circulation pump (A-class).

Mixing unit TMix® XXL has the following basic equipment:

  • Circulation pump
  • Built-in flow Control valve
  • Thermostatic valve mounted on the primary flow connection
  • Built-in bypass with control valve
  • Manual air vent
  • Actuators 

Mixing unit TMix® XXL can be equipped with different components depending on the needs. The mixing unit is mounted on consoles as standard. It is equipped with a 2-way valve with a 3-point actuator motor (24 V) for connection to control unit for outdoor-compensated flow temperature. It also includes connection couplings and pipe fittings for 2-way valve as well as connection couplings for the secondary side. If necessary, the actuator motor can be replaced with 230 V (product ID 67005).

The mixing unit TMix® XXL is always delivered fully assembled and equipped according to the order






Mixing unit TMix XXL

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