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Mixing unit TMix XS

Thermotech mixing unit TMix® XS is suitable for small areas such as bathrooms and hallways, up to 12 m²

Thermotech mixing unit TMix® XS is a compact and cost effective mixing unit intended for small areas up to 12 m². It is suitable for areas such as bathrooms and hallways.

Mixing unit TMix® XS  is designed for connection of up to 4 loops with 8 mm underfloor heating pipes alternatively  one underfloor heating loop of dimension 12, 16, 17 or 20 mm.

Basic equipment for mixing unit TMix® XS:

  • Circulation pump with cable and plug
  • Thermostat valve
  • Couplings for underfloor heating pipes, 17 x 2 mm
  • Couplings to primary heat source, Cu15
  • Manual air vent
  • Control alternative

The TMix® XS can be ordered in six different versions depending on which control alternative that best suit the needs. Three of the versions include a 350W immersion heater to maintain a comfortable floor temperature for tile floor surfaces up to a maximum of 12 m² (29 W/m²) during the part of the year when the ordinary heat source is shut off.

The mixing unit is manufactured in stainless steel, it has light weight and smart design which enables an easy and neat installation. It has an energy efficient circulation pump

It is always delivered fully assembled and equipped according to the order. 

Mixing unit TMix® XS ICR for comfort all year round
The mixing unit TMix® XS ICR is fully assembled with a 350 W immersion heater, a smooth function for switching between summer and winter operation and wireless control unit with outlet for the immersion heater.

Even the already installed mixing units TMix® XS can be complemented with a 350 W immersion heater and wireless control unit with switching function for summer and winter operation.

The immersion heater is intended for clinker floors and maintains an average temperature on the floor of 25 ± 1.5°C.

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