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Mixing unit TMix L3

Mixing unit TMix® L3 for mid-sized systems (up to 350 m2) that lack a circulation pump in the primary system

Thermotech mixing unit TMix® L3 is compatible with all mid-sized systems (up to 350 m2) that lack a circulation pump in the primary system. The mixing unit can be used at connections to waterborne heating systems with solid fuel, such as wood stoves connected to accumulator tanks.

Appropriate areas of use are new production, renovation or additions when compact installation is preferred and the system has radiators for other areas.

Mixing unit TMix® L3 are available in two basic models:

  • Manual – with hand knob
  • Constant – the flow temperature is limited to a maximum temperature using an external sensor

Mixing unit TMix® L3 in stainless steel features low weight and clean design, which enables simpler and more attractive instal­lation. The first-rate raw materials guarantee good rust protection and high resistance to pressure. It has an energy efficient circulation pump (A-class).

 Mixing unit TMix® L3 has the following basic equipment:

  • Circulation pump with cable and plug
  • Integrated flow control valve
  • 3-way thermostatic valve
  • Manual air vent
  • Integrated bypass with control valve

The mixing unit TMix® L3 is always delivered fully assembled and equipped according to the order.

Extra equipment for mixing unit TMix® L3
To control the flow temperature that the mixing unit produces, TMix® L3 can be equipped with for different control and regulation packages depending on the needs. The packages must be ordered at the same time as the mixing unit, since post-installation is not possible.

Mixing unit TMix L3

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