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R1 – return limit for 1 loop

R1 is a compact unit for return temperature limitation for 1 loop and is a good choice when renovating or making additions in small areas, usually bathrooms.

the unit Controls the water return temperature, or both air and water return temperatures, for one loop.

R1 is a good choice when renovating or making additions when a room is to be equipped with underfloor heating. The R1connections are customized to fit easily where a radiator has been cut off to be replaced with underfloor heating.

The unit is equipped with a return valve for control of the return temperature, and a thermostatic valve with a hand knob. If a maximum limit for the air temperature is desired, the hand knob can be replaced with an automatic thermostat with an external sensor for control of the air temperature.

The connections to the underfloor heating pipes are equipped with clamp ring couplings as standard for 17 x 2 mm underfloor heating pipes, but the couplings can be changed to other sizes.

Connection of the heating system is with a clamp ring coupling for 15-mm copper pipes as standard.

The unit cannot be connected to a single-pipe systems.

The system is recommended for floor surfaces with clink­ers. We do not recommend the system for wooden floors because the high flow temperature can damage a wooden floor. The unit should not be connected to heat sources with flow temperatures exceeding 50°C.

If you want a warm floor even when the heat source is switched off we recommend a mixing unit TMix XS with a 350W immersion heater.

R1 – enhet för returbegränsning av 1 slinga

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