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Heat exchanger package TMix E

With Thermotech Heat Exchanger Package TMix® E, it is possible to install underfloor heating connected to the house’s heating system in for example small ground heating facilities and conservatories. 

The heat exchanger pack TMix®E the separate the house’s heating system from the water in the outdoor heating system. The heat is transferred via the heat exchanger without mixing the water from the two sides of the systems. This enables the use of an antifreeze solution, for example glycol, in the water that circulates outdoors.

Thermotech’s pre-assembled heat exchanger pack in stainless steel is available in two sizes, with a one litre (TMix®E20) or a two litre (TMix®E30) expansion vessel. Larger systems can also be dimensioned and designed without any problems.

The heat exchanger pack TMix®E20 and TMix®E30 has to be connected to Thermotech’s underfloor heating manifolds (at least one loop) or to our Industrial manifold. The heat exchanger pack can be controlled manually, with an automatic thermostat or actuator, or automatically. The heat exchanger pack is delivered to be installed on the left side of the manifold as standard, but can also be delivered for a right-sided connection.

 There are five different control options for Heat exchanger package TMix® E:

1. Limiting the return temperature on the primary side – suitable for:

  • Snow and ice melting
  • Conservatories/garages with a low temperature on the primary side

2. Temperature measuring instrument with an air sensor – suitable for:

  • Conservatories/garages with a high temperature on the primary side.
  • Does not suit systems with wooden floors or other temperature sensitive floor coverings.

 3. Temperature measuring instrument with a water sensor in the flow pipe

  • Heating, for example in lofts
  • Garages/conservatories with a high flow temperature and a floor covering that is sensitive to high temperatures.

4. Clima or Motor control options – taking the out door temperature into account

5. Complete control system for ground heating, Thermotech GEO®System  ETR2 or ETO2

Since Thermotech GEO®System for ground heating is a low temperature system it can also be used to take advantage of waste or return heat from cooling processes or central heating systems.

For more technical facts and information about the installation download the installation guide.

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