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General conditions and shipping information

Information about our general conditions, shipping, damaged goods and reclamations.

General terms of delivery (within Sweden)

General terms of delivery AA VVS 09
Payment terms As agreed
Payment terms 4.000 SEK (i.e. free to delivery address excluding unloading for orders over SEK 4000 net, excluding VAT)
Shipping charge, letters (up to 2 kg) 50 SEK
Shipping charge, packages (up to 10 kg) 100 SEK
Shipping charge, packages (over 10 kg - 35 kg) 200 SEK
Shipping charge, pallets Shipping not included

Other supplementary services, such as scheduled shipments, advance notification, etc. are available and charged per the shipper's price list. All prices apply from 14 Match 2014 and until further notice. Prices are specified excluding VAT.

Specified volume prices refer to prices per unit or meter when purchasing the smallest specified order volume or more.

Thermotech reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

For shipping within Finland, Russia or Eastern Europe please contact our subsidiaries.

Thermotech takes responsibility
We are continually raising our sights when it comes to maintaining stable and high quality with effective routines and a streamlined organization. In spite of our efforts, things can sometimes still go wrong. Below is information about the conditions that must be fulfilled for us to take responsibility for your orders and deliveries, and for guaranteeing prompt and correct processing.

When an order is sent from our warehouse, we are responsible for the goods being properly packaged. We comply with the rules specified by our shippers regarding packaging, and the goods are insured. In the event of damage or loss of goods during transport, we reimburse for the goods at the invoice value. We send replacement material to you at no extra cost.

Your responsibility as a customer

Receiving goods
The goods shall be inspected upon delivery and the shipping bill signed. Check that the quantities match those stated both on the shipping bill and packing slip.

If there is any visible damage to the packaging, report this directly to the shipper upon reception. Take possession of the goods but never sign the shipping bill without first entering a remark in the receipt section. The remarks need not be detailed, but are necessary for processing damage claims. Remarks confirm that damage occurred during transport from us to you. This also gives us the opportunity to determine the cause and take measures so that this does not reoccur. You must also try to limit the damage whenever possible.

If anything is missing, enter a remark on the shipping bill before you sign for the goods. Contact the office where you placed your order. We then investigate the matter with our shippers. You should have the this information on hand when you contact the sales office: the order or shipping bill number and the order date.

Returns and exchanges
Exchanges of incorrectly ordered goods are made against a 15 % return deduction of the invoiced amount.

Returns are only accepted upon agreement with the relevant salesperson and approved no earlier than after our inspection when the goods are received. Returns are only approved if made within 90 days of the date of delivery. This entails that a return must be registered and received by Thermotech's warehouse within the specified period.

The products must be unused, in their original packaging and free from damage with all supplied documentation intact to be approved as returned or exchanged goods. Electronics may only be returned if in unopened original packaging.

The right of return does not apply to specially ordered products.

Complaints and damaged goods
Visible damage or loss must be immediately reported upon delivery of the goods and noted on a shipping document or other documentation. The remarks must be confirmed by the shipper's representative.

The receiving party is encouraged to check for hidden damage immediately upon receiving a delivery. Hidden damage must be reported to the shipper as soon as possible but no later than seven (7) days after delivery for road transport or stocked goods, no later than fourteen (14) days after delivery of goods shipped by air, and no later than three (3) days after delivery for goods shipped by sea.

The shipper is not responsible for hidden damage that is detected in conjunction with transport if the goods were previously transported or handled in a similar manner and the goods were not checked for any hidden damage before the most recent transport was begun. For transports involving multiple shippers, during which a shipper other than current shipper handled the goods, the current shipper is not responsible for damage if this damage likely occurred when the goods were in the possession of another shipper.

Claims for late delivery must be reported as soon as possible and in accordance to the regulations applicable for the respective mode of transport. Pick-up times are preliminary and do not constitute binding obligations.

Senders and recipients are responsible for limiting any damage.

The damage must often be inspected. Due to this, you may not return, sell or repair the damaged goods before first contacting us. Damaged goods or faulty goods still under warranty are returned to Thermotech with a description of the fault and are marked with the assigned case number for prompt and correct processing.

To register a complaint, please contact your nearest regional office.