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Solar heating tubing

Isolated flexible solar heating tubing in three dimensions. 

Thermotech's stainless steel corrugated solar heating tubing has UV-resistant insulation and protection against attacks from animals, such as birds or mice. The tubing is available in the dimensions DN16, DN20 and DN25.

The sensor cable, for the temperature sensor in the solar collector, is integrated into the solar heating tube's insulation, which means that the sensor cable does not need to be separately fitted.

Included with the tubing are packages with couplings for connection to the solar collectors and to the solar heating station.


  • Insulated flexible tubing
  • UV-protected insulation
  • Integrated sensor cable
  • Available in several different lengths

Simplified dimensioning for tubing with maximum length 25 m

DN 16 12 m2 or 6 st solar collectors
DN20 20 m2 or 10 st solar collectors
DN25 40 m2 or 20 st solar collectors

 Volumes in Thermotech's solar heating tubing

DN 16 0,25 litres per pipe
DN20 0,45 litres per pipe
DN25 0,65 litres per pipe

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