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Solar collector and installation kits

Thermotech solar collector is delivered complete with installation kit. 

Thermotech solar collector FP202
A flat solar collector with a clean design and equipped with the latest technology for converting sunshine into heat.

It's an economical and effective solar collector of high quality that supplies thermal energy for heating water and buildings during greater parts of the year. A thin construction makes the solar collector relatively light and easy to install.

It works on all roof types and can be installed either recessed or surface-mounted on pitched roofs, or on stands set at a 45° angle on flat roofs.

Installation kits for Thermotech solar collector FP202
The solar collector is delivered as a complete package with everything you need for attachment and connection. We also offer complete packages for expansion so that the system can easily be complemented with more collectors.

There are four different installation kits to choose from depending on the type of roof and the chosen installation method.