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Control unit

A control unit for efficient regulation of Thermotech solar heating system.

An efficient solar heating system needs a regulation that controls the system. Thermotech solar control unit can be connected to both existing and new solar heating systems.

In a complete Thermotech solar heating system, the control unit is already integrated in the solar heating station.

The control unit has thirteen predefined programs that make it easy to select the right program based on the heat source, pump or tank that is to be combined with the solar heating system. Due to this, advanced settings are normally unnecessary, neither by the installer nor end-user.

The flow in the solar heating system is based on current needs by regulating the pump speed. Thus the solar energy output is maximized and the pump don´t need to go on and off as often.

Some of advantages with Thermotech control unit for solar heating

  • Eco mode for solar heating as sole heating source
  • Boost function provides desired temperature at selected point in time, even with minimal sunlight
  • East/west control of solar collectors
  • Legionella protection

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