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About solar heating

Save energy with solar heating 

The Sun is an infinite source of renewable energy
A resource that enables smarter energy usage for all structures that require heat and hot water during the summer half of the year.

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious - we capture the sunshine that reaches us and convert it into heat. The conversion doesn't consume any energy at all and the sunshine is free, giving you an environmentally smart and cost-effective solution

Reduce monthly costs for electricity
Solar heating can be combined with all types of heating systems, from traditional boilers to integrated solutions with district heating, heat pumps and hot water tanks.

Low-energy systems, such as waterborne underfloor heating, and solar heating, make for
an excellent combination.

A solar heating system is a long-term investment that reduces the need of purchasing heat and with minimal operating costs. Profitability increases as energy prices rise. You'll see the results on your electricity bill.

A superb solution - from north to south
Solar heating is a very good solution even in the northern countries. The amount of sunshine during one year is nearly as high in Sweden as in Central Europe due to the light summer nights.

For 4 to 6 months of the year solar heating can handle more than 90 % of a normal household's total heating and hot water consumption.

This means that over the course of a year, a solar heating system can cover 35 - 55 % of all hot water needs and 15 - 25 % of the consumption of heat.

A sunshine story
No one knows for sure when it came about. Most likely the Sun was formed during a fusion of matter 4.6 billion years ago. But one thing we know for sure. Without the Sun, the Earth would be a cold place. Thanks to the Sun there is life on Earth.

The Sun is a safe and reliable source of energy. The energy will flow for five billion years into the future. It produces solar heat for a long-term sustainable solution.

More and more people are discovering the advantages of solar heating and we are proud to be able to offer the heating alternative that has the least impact on the environment.

We invite you to discover our very own solar heating system!