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ThermoSystem™ Prefab for underfloor heating

ThermoSystem™ Prefab is our concept with pre-assembled cabinets for underfloor heating. The assortment includes a complete selection of pre-assembled cabinets with an underfloor heating manifold or Integral.

The ThermoSystem™ Prefab manifold cabinet is a leak-proof cabinet with an underfloor heating manifold or the Integral unit and couplings, fully assembled and ready for installation. Can be ordered with or without a control system.

Thermotech builds the cabinet per the customer's wishes and delivers the cabinet ready to connect to the feed pipe.

The ThermoSystem™ Prefab assortment includes:

  • Prefab Basic
  • Prefab Basic Control – with control system

With our flexible manufacturing, we can easily help out with special solutions as necessary.