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MultiSystem™ Prefab for tap water

MultiSystem™ Prefab is our concept with pre-assembled cabinets for tap water. The assortment includes pre-assembled tap water and radiator cabinets with manifolds and couplings with options for energy and water measurement.

The MultiSystem™ Prefab manifold cabinet is a leak-proof cabinet with manifolds and couplings for tap water, fully assembled and ready for installation. We build the cabinet per the customer's wishes and deliver the cabinet ready to connect to the feed pipe.

The MultiSystem™ Prefab  assortment includes:

  • Prefab Basic
  • Prefab Energy - prepared for energy measurement
  • Prefab Flow – prepared for flow measurement

All equipment is designed and approved for tap water installations. Dezincified hardened brass and stainless steel are of the type approved for drinking water.

With our flexible manufacturing, we can easily help out with special solutions as necessary.