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Pipe PE-RT Type 2

PE-RT pipe that is flexible and easy to install.

The PE-RT-pipe of Thermotechs pipe system (MultiSystem™) is an oxygen-diffusion tight 5-layer pipe in PE-RT Type 2 (Dowlex 2388). An oxygen diffusion barrier (EVOH) is located in the middle of the pipe wall. All layers are fused by means of a self-adhesive polymer.

The PE-RT pipe is available in all dimensions up to 26 mm and can be ordered both as single pipes and as pipe-in-pipes, both with and without isolation.

All PE-RT pipes in the MultiSystem™ range is suitable for use in cooling and heating systems, and are type approved for tap water systems (70/95°C, 10 bar).

Blandning av komponenter från olika kopplings- eller rörsystem får inte förekomma.

Rör PE-RT Type 2

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