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Thermotechs product range of pipe system (MultiSystem™) includes certified PE-RT pipes and AluComposite pipes in all dimensions.

Thermotech MultiSystem™ PE-RT pipes are made of PE-RT Type 2 and they are flexible and easy to install. The pipes can be ordered in all dimensions up to 26 mm and are available both as single pipes and as pipe-in-pipes, both with and without isolation.

Our MultiSystem™ AluComposite pipes are available in dimensions up to 63 mm in straight lengths and up to 32 m in reels. They can also be ordered as pipe-in-pipe, both with and without isolation.

All MultiSystem™ pipes are suitable for use in cooling and heating systems. They are all type-approved and certified for tap water systems and radiator connections (70/95°C, 10 bar) through Swedcert. The type-approvals cover the entire pipe system, i.e. the pipes in combination with couplings for Thermotech MultiSystem™