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Manifold for pipe systems with a unique joint technique  that enables a smooth and easy installation.

Thermotech manifold for pipe system installations is made of dezincification-resistant brass. It is available in two sizes for 2 or 3 connections, and with or without integrated shut-off valves.

The Multi manifold is equipped with a unique joint-technique and O-rings that means the parts do not need to be sealed with hemp or glue. This also means that one, when connecting several manifolds in series, can turn the manifold outlets in different directions without any risk of leakage. The Multi manifold has Euroconus G15 threads.

A stable and safe installation of the manifold
The manifold is mounted on a stable console of galvani­sed steel plate.

For a safe and smooth installation we also recommend that it is installed in our MultiSystem™ manifold cabinet with pipe fixture and leakage indication. The cabinet are tested and certified according to the Swedish regulations of NT VVS 129.

Accessories for MultiSystem™ manifold
In the product range of Thermotech pipe system there are accessories for the MultiSystem™ manifold, such as ball valves, consoles and plugs.

The ball valves, lid and plug are made of dezincification-resistant brass.

The console is made of galvani­sed steel plate for a stable installation.

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