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Manifold cabinets

Complete manifold cabinets for a safe and easy installation. 

Thermotech MultiSystem™ manifold cabinets for pipe system installations are manufactured entirely in lacquered sheet metal. They are available in the sizes 390 (for max 5 outlets), 540 mm (for max 8 outlets) and 690 mm (for max 11 outlets) plus space for feed pipes.

A complete manifold cabinet for MultiSystem™ manifold consisting of:

  • Bottom tray with leakage indicator and pipe fixture
  • Cabinet of galvanised sheet metal
  • Cover panels of transparent PET-plastic
  • Frame and hatch

Nipples for pipe through-fitting are mounted when delivered. They fit protective pipes with dimensions 25, 28 or 34 mm.

The bottom tray can easily be removed and function as a pipe fixture when installing the MultiSystem™, for example when installing slab on ground.

The cabinets are tested and certified according to the regulations of NT VVS 129.

With Thermotech Prefab you can get pre-assembled cabinets for both underfloor heating, tap water and radiator installations, with options for energy and water measurement. Then the cabinets are delivered attractively and fully assembled with manifold and couplings in compliance with your wishes, they are pressure tested and ready for installation.


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