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Thermotech MultiLevel - smart energy on many levels!

MultiLevel™ is a Thermotech's consept for integrated heating system in multistories. 

The most common way to apply heat in flats today is water-borne via radiators with individual thermostats. The system is more or less standard today, but may not properly challenged by the other alternatives. Why don't we use the floor heating in multi-storey buildings?

The Thermotech's MultiLevel consept gives you environmentally smart and modern homes with high comfort, where energy consumption is at the same level as in the passive houses.

Multilevel ™ concept means that we integrate in floor heating in each floor at the right level in the soffit. By applying heat through both floor and ceiling, the floor heating temperature is held extremely low. This method uses no isolation or individual room regulation.

Thanks to the very low operating temperature, uninsulated floor structure and the lack of individual room regulation, you get a self-regulating heating system. The flow temperature of the whole building is controlled by the outside temperature. During the summer months, the system can be used to cool the building by the same principle - the self-regulating effect works the same way.

The result is that the indoor climate becomes evenly all year round and the comfort of residents is very high.

The experience of the client and the residents is very good both in terms of comfort and operating costs.


  • Lower energy consumption
  • Easier installation and lower construction costs
  • Less maintenance
  • High living comfort
  • Durable & environmentally friendly

ThermoTech Multilevel™ consept is one of four finalists nominated for "The Indoor Climate Prize". Winner will be selected at Nordbygg EcoForum at Stockholm International Fairs April 22, 2015.

The concept was developed in collaboration with among others Henrik Karlsson from the SP Technical Research Institute (Chalmers) and is based on several years of research and reference projects.