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Our heting and pipe systems has undergone and passed all the tests in the industry.

Nordtest NT VVS 129
Our systems has been tested and approved per Nordtest NT VVS 129.

The test method is the market's toughest and common for all Nordic countries. NT VVS 129 tests for leakage in entire systems and not just individual components. Should an accident nonetheless occur with subsequent leakage, the water cannot spread to the construction and cause water damage.

Safe Water installation
Thermotech ThermoSystem™ and MultiSystem™ is designed in compliance with the regulations of the Swedish heating, water and sanitation industry.

We guarantee the product's function as long as the industry's regulations and the product's installation guides are followed.

Because our products are designed in accordance with industry regulations, they are listed in the VVS-Info's product database. (VVS-Info administers the Swedish HVAC's industry-wide product database.) The insurance companies have participated in preparing the industry regulations and fully support them.

Type-approved by Swedcert
The Thermotech pipe systems Thermotech MultiSystem™ PE-RT Type 2 (type-approval certificate 0857) and Thermotech MultiSystem™ AluComposite (type-approval certificate 0886) are type-approved by Swedcert.

The type-approvals cover the entire plumbing systems, i.e the pipes in combination with couplings for Thermotech MultiSystem™.

Sintef testing method No 1
Our pip-in-pipe system is approved both by NT VVS 129 and Sintef test method no 1.

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