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Accessories for room control system

Thermotech´s product range for room control system also include other accessories such as heating control package for outdoor-compensated control of flow temperature and a junction box.

Heating control package Clima
The Clima equipment is a compact heating controller for PI-control of the flow temperature controlled by the outdoor temperature. The clima package takes the outdoor temperature into consideration, and compensates for any variations in the outdoor temperature to achieve an optimal operational economy and comfort.

The heating controller has various functions, such as: Min/max limiter of the flow and return temperature and a function test of the circulation pump and valve.

The Clima package consists of the following components:

  • 1 motor (24 VAC)
  • 1 heating controller with curve-settings etc.
  • 1 outdoor temperature sensor
  • 1 flow temperature sensor
  • 1 transformer for wall-socket 230/24V

All Thermotech's mixing units can be equipped with the heating control package Clima


Junction box
Thermotech’s junction box is designed for buildings with 1 thermostat and 4 actuators, or 2 thermostats and 2-3 actuators.

A 230/24V, 20VA transformer is delivered with the box.

The junction box and transformer are designed for indoor use only.

Regleringspaket Klima

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