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R1 – return limit for 1 loop

Complete unit for control of both air and water return temperatures, for one loop.

R1 is a good choice when renovating or making additions when a room is to be equipped with underfloor heating, usually bathrooms.

The unit is equipped with a thermostatic valve and thermostatic head with external sensor for control of the air temperature, as well as a return valve for control of the return temperature.

The connections to the underfloor heating pipes are equipped with clamp ring couplings as standard for 17 x 2 mm underfloor heating pipes, but the couplings can be changed to other sizes. Connection of the heating system is with a clamp ring coupling for 15-mm copper pipes as standard.

NB: The unit cannot be connected to a single-pipe system.

Capacity with 17 x 2 mm pipes: Approx. 8 m2
Capacity with 12 x 2 mm pipes: Approx. 6 m2

Product ID  
52001 standard model
52002 with unit-mounted air thermostat
52003 with wall-mounted air thermostat
R1 - enhet för returbegränsning