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Industrial manifold 1"

Industrial manifold for medium sized open plan properties where the temperature is controlled by only one thermostat. It is suitable for up to 200 m2.

The industrial manifold is used in open indoor spaces where the temperature can be regulated by a single thermostat. An actuator for each loop is consequently unnecessary; the manifold is instead controlled by a thermostatic valve. It is installed before the manifold and controls the entire underfloor heating system together with a centrally located thermostat.

Thermotech industrial manifolds in stainless steel are available from 2 to 10 loops. The manifold is prepared to be connected to Thermotech´s mixing units TMix® M, TMix® L2 and TMix® L3.

The stainless steel manifold features low weight and clean design, enabling easier and more attractive installation. The first-rate raw materials guarantee good rust protection and high resistance to pressure. It is delivered fully assembled, which eliminates any additional installation work.

The industrial manifold is also available with manifold control.

Basic equipment Industrial manifold 1”:

  • Couplings for underfloor heating pipes, 20 x 2 (mm)
  • Integrated balancing valves for each loop
  • Manual air vents and filling couplings
  • Installed ball valves

The manifold is assembled for left connection as standard. It can easily be turned for right connection. 


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