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Group manifold 2”

Used when multiple underfloor heating manifolds are connected or as manifold for large areas

Group Manifold 2" is used when multiple underfloor heating manifolds are connected parallel against one heat source or as a manifold for big spaces where 25 x 2.3 mm or 32 x 3.0 mm pipes are used for the loops.  It is recommended for areas that require more than four manifolds or when there are manifolds in the system that serve areas larger than 120 m².

The group Manifold 2" is available from 2-10 loops in stock. The light weight and smart design enables an easy and neat installation.

Several group manifolds can easily be assembled to get more loops. If a bigger manifold with a whole manifold extension is needed you can order sizes up to 20 loops.

The benefits of connecting underfloor heating manifolds parallel to a Group manifold 2":

  • The pressure drop in the entire system will be lower
  • Adjustment of all flow levels can easily be done in one place
  • Parallel mounted system of this kind is considerably easier to balance
  • All manifolds are connected seamlessly against bigger manifolds
  • A good system operation is ensured and the solution is economic, both to purchase and to operate

Basic equipment Group manifold 2”

  • One pair of 2” extensions of manifold with sviwelling nuts
  • One pair of 2” covers
  • Connections with 1” sviwelling nuts for each exit
  • 2 consoles and 2 rails 

The loops can be equipped individually with balancing valves, DN20 or DN25, and connections for different pipe dimensions, 25 x 2.3 mm or 32 x 3 mm.

Group manifold 2”

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