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Group manifold 1”

Group manifold for medium size properties when underfloor heating manifolds are connected

Thermotech’s Group manifold 1” is used for medium size properties when two to four underfloor heating manifolds are connected against one heat source. Normally you can connect manifolds for areas up to 100 - 120 m² but as it varies each case should be calculated independently.

The stainless steel group manifold is available for 2 - 4 outgoing connections as standard. The light weight and smart design enables an easy and neat installation.

Advantages when connecting several underfloor heating manifolds to one group manifold:

  • The dimensions of the feed pipes can be lower
  • The pressure fall in the whole system will be lower
  • The system will be considerably easier to balance
  • All Manifolds are connected seamlessly against bigger manifolds
  • Ensures good system operation and a safe and economic solution

The Group manifold 1” has the following basic equipment:

  • Balancing valves with flow metres
  • 1 DN20 group valve with connections for 25 x 2.3 mm feed pipes for each return connection, Kvs 3.5
  • Connections for 25 x 2.3 mm feed pipe
  • Two manual air vents
  • Mounted on consoles

If you are connecting more than four manifolds, or using manifolds for areas larger than 120 m², we recommend that you use our Group manifold 2”.

Group manifold 1”