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Integral Manual

Product ID  
55202-0 2 loops
55203-0 3 loops
55204-0 4 loops
55205-0 5 loops
55206-0 6 loops
55207-0 7 loops
55208-0 8 loops
55209-0 9 loops
55210-0 10 loops

A fully assembled underfloor heating manifold with an integrated mixing unit TMix® M. It is available from 2 to 10 loops. The Integral Manual is delivered with an autoadapt pump, Grundfos Alphas 2, as standard.

The Integral can be complemented with a balancing valve with a flow measuring orifice.

A DIN rail is included for mounting of control unit.

Capacity 200 m2 (at 50 W/m2) depending on primary temperature.

Integral manuell

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