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Integral Constant

Product ID  
55212 2 loops
55213 3 loops
55214 4 loops
55215 5 loops
55216 6 loops
55217 7 loops
55218 8 loops
55219 9 loops
55210 10 loops

A fully assembled underfloor heating manifold with an integrated mixing unit TMix® M. It is available from 2 to 10 loops. The Integral Constant is delivered with an autoadapt pump, Grundfos Alphas 2, as standard.

The Integral Constant entails that the flow temperature is limited to a maximum temperature using an external sensor located in the probe. The Integral then is equipped with an automatic thermostat or actuator (24 V, 230 V, 3-point output or 0-10 V output) for mounting on the twoway valve. Installation of actuators requires replacement of the twoway valve with another valve that is intended for control via an electric actuator.

The Integral can also be complemented with a balancing valve with a flow measuring orifice.

Capacity 200 m2 (at 50 W/m2) depending on primary temperature.

A DIN rail is included for mounting of control unit.

Integral konstant