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Which installation principle suits me?

Thermotech has always put emphasis on the importance of viewing each underfloor heating installation as a unique system solution.

By that we mean that when planning any project, the conditions of the property has to determine what solution and products to use.

By taking the unique conditions of a property into consideration you get a quality-assured underfloor heating installation with optimal comfort and economical efficiency.

Thermotech has a comprehensive product range that suits all types of houses, sizes, foundations and heat sources. In the column to the right you will find an outline of our different system solutions and installation principles.

Foundation or condition Installation principle
Slab-on-grade: Casting
Suspended foundation: Wood or spaced mounting
Existing floor: Floating floor 18/30/50/70
Joists: Wood or spaced mounting
Outdoors: Heat exchanger package
Low building height: Minifloor 8 and R12
Wet rooms (bathrooms): Casting
Basement: All installation principles will work assuming there are no moisture problems