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Spaced mounting

Thermotech’s system for spaced mounting facilitates the installation by mounting a panel on the wooden joists with space left for underfloor heating pipes and heat conducting aluminium plates. Suitable at renovations and installations where homogeneous wood floors are laid directly on the floor construction.

Panels are mounted on wooden joists with a c/c-measurement of 600 mm, in some cases c/c 300 mm, with space for 17 mm underfloor heating pipes and heat conducting aluminium plates.

The panels are mounted at a right angle against the wood floor construction. All the boards are fastened against the joists with screws or nails. 14-15 mm laminate flooring can be laid on the floor.

Efficient heating with spaced mounting
Spaced mounting can be installed in three different ways – c/c-measurement 300, 200 or 150 mm. In perimeter zones with a high heat requirement, for example around multiple large windows, the panels are laid with a closer c/c-measurement.

Heat conducting aluminium plates (0.5 mm) are used for an optimal heat transfer from the underfloor heating pipes to the floor. The aluminium plate has circle-shaped raised rims which enhances the contact between the pipe and the plate and makes the heattransfer between the plate and the floor covering very effective.

We produce a detailed CAD plan for every project where all the plates and loops are shown. A dimensioning scheme with adjustment values for the manifold is also included in the delivery.