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Slab-on-grade concrete system

In Thermotech's underfloor heating system for concrete constructions the underfloor heating pipes are cast in concrete, in a so called slab-on-grade system or double layer cast.

Pipes for concrete system are available in sizes 8, 12, 17 or 20 mm. Which system that is right for you depends on the subfloor, the size of the area and the available construction height.

The pipes must be fixed prior to casting. We offer the following methods for securing the pipes:

• Clip rails
• Pipe holders
• Pipe ties
Insulate well before casting
Before installation of pipes in concrete, the substrate must be insulated with cellular plastic or other suitable insulation. The insulation under the underfloor heating is very important to avoid the heat going down instead of up. If the heat goes down it will result in energy loss, and in the long run it cause moisture problems. The insulation under slab-on-grade systems should be between 250 to 300 mm (min. 200 mm)

It is important that each installation is dimensioned for the conditions of the building. Geographical location, ground conditions, etc., must be taken into account.

Before the surface layer is applied, the concrete slab must be completely dry.

To ensure an effective floor heating system we produce a detailed CAD blueprint for every project. Adjustment values for the flow and water temperatures are also included in each delivery.

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