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Minifloor 8

Minifloor 8® is a system with 8 mm pipe for low-height floor heating. Suitable for small spaces such are bathroom or hall.

The system is used for spaces up to 12 m2 and can either be cast in place or laid on an existing floor structure, which suits wet rooms as well as dry rooms.

To make you feel comfortable and floors be worm all year round the mixing unit (TMix XS) was equipped with a 350W immersion heater.  

Minifloor 8® has as low building height as electric underfloor heating and gives the same comfort, but electricity consumption is much lower. Biggest part of the year system uses the heat from the existing heating system. When the original heat source is switched off, the electric boiler will kick in to heat the floor.

MINIFLOOR 8® floating floor

8 mm underfloor heating pipes are laid in polystyrene panels with a heat conducting aluminium plate. The building height will be merely 9 mm plus the floor covering. Our unique turn-panel makes the whole surface warm. Minifloor 8 Floating floor is suitable to use in dry rooms, such as hallways. Parquet flooring is installed directly on the system and ceramic tiles are installed straight on the aluminium plate using an adhesive.

MINIFLOOR 8® Casting

8 mm underfloor heating pipes are cast in screed. The building height is merely 16 mm plus the floor covering. When casting on concrete foundations, a welded wire mesh is installed first, on which the underfloor heating pipes are then fastened to using pipe ties. When casting on wooden foundations (such as chipboard or an existing floor construction) the underfloor heating pipes are fastened using either a welded wire mesh and pipe ties, or with clips directly on the wood foundation.