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Immersion heater 350W

Thermotech´s immersion heater 350W keep small floor surfaces heated all year round.

The immersion heater 350W maintains a comfortable floor temperature for floor surfaces up to a maximum of 12 m2 (29 W/m2) during the months of the year when the ordinary source of heating is shut off, usually during the summertime.

Packages with immersion heater 350W are available for Thermotech´s mixing units TMix®XS, TMix®S, TMix®M and the Integral.

The immersion heater is intended for clinker floors and maintains an average temperature on the floor of 25 ± 1.5°C.

The immersion heater 350W  is included in the Minifloor 8® installation system
In a complete installation of  a Minifloor 8® system the mixing unit TMix®XS is complemented with a 350 W immersion heater and a smooth wireless control unit with switching function for summer and winter operation,  for the comfort of heated floors all year round.

Elpatron 350W

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