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Electric boiler 6 and 9 kW

Thermotech electric boiler 6 and 9 kW is suitable for middle sized areas.

The 6 and 9 kW electric boiler is small, compact and suitable for areas up to 120m2 or 180 m2 respectively.  

The electric boiler is designed for indoor installations and is delivered completely mounted for an easy installation.

The boiler has two power modes, 3 + 3 kW (6 kW) och 4,5 + 4,5 kW (9 kW). Each mode is connected and disconnected by a signal from a built-in thermostat. The boiler is equipped with an automatic earth leak switch for highest safety of the installation and insulated with 19 mm Armaflex.

Thermotech electric boiler 6 and 9 kW has a LED-display in the front showing information about water temperature, power connection, heating curve and outdoor temperature. All settings ca be done on the front display and it is easy to open for service.

The electric boiler can be equipped with a room thermostat that controls the boiler’s operation by breaking the current to the circulation pump, when desired room temperature is reached. Room thermostat with product ID’s: 20210-3 or 67260 are suitable for this control.

Thermotech Electric boiler is designed for indoor installations. It is delivered completely mounted for an immediately installation.

Each electric boiler has the following components:

  • Circulation pump
  • Safety valve
  • Two step thermostat
  • Safe thermostat
  • Manometer and thermometer
Elpanna 6 och 9 kW

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